Mv Onlyoneof 온리원오브 - "sage/구원"

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Video Mv Onlyoneof 온리원오브 - "sage/구원"

Deskripsi Mv Onlyoneof 온리원오브 - "sage/구원"

Mv Onlyoneof 온리원오브 - "sage/구원", [MV] OnlyOneOf (온리원오브) - "sage/구원”

The title track ‘sage’ was composed by Candace Sosa, who is well-known to the K-pop industry by writing ‘Euphoria’, ‘Love Myself’, and ‘Mikrokosmos’ of BTS, that projects a dynamic atmosphere musically, as well as delivering unique storytelling approach of OnlyOneOf in terms of message.

OnlyOneOf’s debut title track ‘savanna’ represented a ‘forbidden fruit.’ The track expressed fatal beauty that comes along with a sense of mirth and euphoria through its lyrics like ‘you can get drenched and intoxicated’, while the track ‘sage’ is about the salvation after the journey of a delight and hedonism.

This message that the track ‘sage’ is projecting is reflected musically through up-tempo and highly rhythmical vibe that expresses sense of desperateness, which is contrasted with ‘savanna’s’ chill and laid-back vibe.

OnlyOneOf projects extreme desperateness through the lyrics “forgive my sins”, “I beg you to give me salvation”, but God turns his back on them.

The executive producer of the music video ‘sage’ who also produced the music video ‘savanna’, Wooje Kim, embedded multiple secret codes and elements within the music video that each individual fan can have their own interpretation and customized perception of those elements through those components. Also, the music video solidified the ‘structural universe’ that OnlyOneOf has been building through the consequences of the content releases, which fortified the concept of progressions / evolution of OnlyOneOf’s ego throughout their artistic career, that is represented by ‘dot – line – surface.’

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